• This Strip Doesn't Tease

The Sunset Strip Experience

This Strip doesn't tease.

Quick Details

The Sunset Strip Experience

Nothing else comes close 

  • Exclusive Access and Incredible Content
  • “Deep Dive” Secrets and Stories that’ll blow your mind
  • An Epic Soundtrack that will give you chills
  • Experience the Rags, Riches, Rise, Fall and Debauchery of (in)famous Rock Stars, Movie Stars and Cultural icons.
  • How The Gangsters took control of the Strip.
  • Incredible photo opportunities
  • Feel the pulse of a Street that changed the Culture of a city and the entire Entertainment Industry

The Basics

  • Duration: 1.5 hours (approx.)
  • Walking Distance: 1.5 miles (at a gentle pace)
  • Live Tour Guide
  • Tour Audio system provided (So you can roam freely and still hear everything)
  • Meeting Location: 8000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

About LA Stories’ Sunset Strip Experience:

Apart from blowing your mind, we are going to glide down the Sunset strip, bathed in the glorious Cali sun and rip the lid off some of the most iconic locations and stories that shaped and defined a city, culture and the entertainment industry.

We love what we do, so we are constantly getting our hands dirty and diving deeper in to the Rise, Fall, Rags, Riches and Debauchery of some of the biggest Actors, Rock Stars, Gangsters and Cultural icons of all time.

Seriously, you’ll love uncovering the deeper, darker secrets and revealing shocking, exciting and hilarious stories.

With Exclusive access to certain locations, Exclusive stories that you won’t hear anywhere else (Straight from the horses mouth… and by horse we actually mean legit A-listers; just didn’t want to humble brag) you’ll feel like Hollywood Royalty.

We’ll share with you the personal, exciting and authentic experience that you deserve, all set to an awesome soundtrack that would rival the love child of Guardians of the Galaxy and Hamilton!!! (They are both great soundtracks FYI)

There’s no other Tour or Experience like this, or anyone more excited and passionate about this than us.