About LA Stories

LA Stories is an immersive sightseeing Tour Company that gives you the opportunity to experience Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, The Sunset Strip, Melrose Place and much more, in ways that no other tour does. LA LA Land has so much to offer, which helps us deliver some of the most Instagrammable tours in the country!

Not to mention, LA Stories is powered by Gray Line, the most respected and established international traveler experience/sightseeing tour company in the world (since 1910). In other words, your friends will be really jealous when they see your pictures/videos and hear the stories you’ll have to tell.

Every  Tour has a live Tour guide and state-of-the-art audio system to ensure crystal clear quality when you are on the tour. It also means you can roam freely and still hear everything. Our Tour guides are professional entertainers, actors, comedians, writers, so be sure to ask questions and keep an eye out for them. You never know, they could be the next big movie star, youtube sensation or studio Show runner!

Our Tours run daily at multiple times, so make sure to check out the calendar. Keep in mind, they do sell out pretty quickly.

Oh, and we have some awesome new “activities” in development that are gonna blow your mind so keep checking back. 

Now, enough about us, tell us about you…